Most Important Common Bank Interview Questions with Answers 2018

  Common Bank Interview Questions with Answers

Question #1.1 :Tell us something about yourself? OR Walk us through your resume?

Question #1.2 : After doing your Engineering in Computer Science, why do you wish to make a career in Banking?

Question #1.3 : Why do you want to join Banking Sector?

Question #1.4 : What made you decide to work for this bank?
Question #1.5 : Why should this bank hire you?
Question #2.1 :What did you do in your last job?
Question #3.1 : Please discuss your views about the changes in Banking Scenario?
Question #3.2 : In the changing Banking Scenario, what are the most important needs of the Banking Industry?
Question #3.3 : To implement these changes by the Banks, what are your recommendations?
Question #3.4 : What is the changing role of banking sector?
Question #3.5 : What is KYC? Why it is important?
Question #3.6 : What are the documents required by banks for KYC compliance?
Question #3.7 : What are the functions of RBI?
Question #3.8 : What is Fiscal deficit?
Question #3.9 :What is REPO rate and Reverse Repo Rate?
Question #3.10 :What is CRR rate?
Question #3.11:What is SLR rate?
Question #3.12 :What is Bank Rate?
Question #3.13 :What is Money Laundering?
Question #4.1 :  How do you check your work for accuracy?
Question #4.2 : Tell me about a situation where you had to deal with an angry customer.
Question #4.3 : What is the recent skill you have acquired?
Question #5.1 : Why are you the best candidate for the job?
Question #5.2 : What are your strengths?
Question #5.3 : What are your weaknesses?
Question #5.4 : Why do you want to join our company?

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