Reasoning Ability For Bank Jobs

2. Reasoning Ability :

35 questions will be asked in this section for 35 marks. Candidates need to cover following topics for this section -
A) Seating Arrangements & Puzzles -
You can expect 15-20 questions from the puzzles and seating arrangement topic. Seating arrangements include following types:
  • Linear Arrangement
  • Circular Arrangement
  • Square Arrangement
Puzzles: Puzzles includes the following types:
  • Sequence-based puzzle
  • Scheduling based puzzles
  • Comparison based puzzles
  • Double line-up based puzzles
B)Blood Relation -
This topic is often included in puzzle and seating arrangement questions. So prepare the concepts of the topic very well. Apart from seating arrangement and puzzle, this can be asked in a set of 3 questions. Always solve the questions by drawing a generation tree. Do not solve verbally.
C)Inequality :
In prelims exam, this is expected to come in a set of 5 questions. This is an easy and most scoring topic of the reasoning ability section. There are five signs greater than (>), less than (<), Greater than or equal to (≥), Less than or equal to (≤), Equal to (=). All questions and all conclusions revolve around these signs. 
D)Syllogism :
These questions can come in a set of 3-5 questions in the exam. Always solve these questions by drawing a Venn diagram. A new pattern syllogism has also been asked in which conclusions are given in questions and statements are given in options. Around 5 questions are being asked in the exam which can be easily scored with a right approach.
E)Order and Ranking -
1-2 individual question or a set of 3-5 questions in Puzzle form can be asked from this topic. This is not a complex topic. There are certain formulas and tricks with the help of which you can solve these in minimum time. Prepare them well.
F) Data Sufficiency -
5 questions of Data sufficiency may be asked. This is a combination of all the topics of reasoning ability section. The candidate is required to find out whether the data given in statements are sufficient to reach to the answer or not. 

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