Important Topics Of English for Bank Jons Examination 2017-2018

Important Topics Of English for Bank Jons Examination 2017-2018

1. English Language

This section will comprise of 30 questions for a total of 30 marks. Following are the topics which you need to prepare for scoring good in English Language section -

A)Reading Comprehension -

In RBI Assistant Prelims Exam, 10 questions are expected from this topic. The reading comprehension is expected to be of Easy to moderate level and story-based, hence the questions from RC are likely to be the Direct type. It may comprise of 4-5 Antonyms and synonyms questions.

B) Cloze Test -

It is a topic which comprises of minimum 5 and maximum 10 questions in the exam. Apart from filling the word, sentence filling can also be asked in Cloze test.This is a scoring topic for the exam which you must prepare well. This topic checks your knowledge of Grammar as well as vocabulary.

C) Error Spotting /Sentence Improvement/Spelling Error -

Any of the three topics which are Error Spotting, Spelling Error and Sentence Improvement can be asked in an exam. It may come in a set of 5-10 questions. A thorough knowledge of Grammar rules and common errors is required to excel in this. For spelling errors, you need to have a good vocabulary knowledge.

D) Fillers/Double Fillers -

This may come in a set of 5 questions. There is a high possibility for double fillers questions. Fillers also require good vocabulary skills and grammar knowledge. If there is 'An' before a blank, then you can only fill a word which starts with 'A,E,I,O,U' in this blank. 

E) Sentence Rearrangement / Para Jumble -

This comes in a set of 5-6 questions. There are different types of ParaJumble questions. In one type, there are 5 d sentences given and the candidate is required to arrange these misarranged sentence in a proper sequence. In another type of Parajumble question, first and last sentences are given and you need to arrange the middle sentences in proper sequence. Practice both of these patterns very well.

F) Odd one out - 

In this topic, 4 or 5 sentences are given in exams. All sentences are related to a certain topic or theme, but one sentence will be somehow a little different or completely different from all other sentences. That option is your answer.First, understand the theme of the sentences and connect them with each other in your mind. The one sentence which you cannot connect is the odd one sentence and that is your answer.

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